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Shaped Cradles

Special Shaped Cradles

Orientals can design, manufacture and install Facade Access Equipment for the most extraordinary buildings. Our engineering team along with our experienced operation team can suggest the best custom cradles needed for particular situation.

When it comes to suspended platforms and Gondolas, we offer customized solutions for many applications.  The examples below are some of the more usual designs supplied to numerous projects.

We always account for the concerns of our customers and other relevant parties. For that reason, we want to be involved in the process as early as possible, to make sure that we are able to provide a solution that is able to reach the entire facade.

Special Shaped Cradles Product Range
Double Deck Cradle

The OSLER platform system can be configured to a multi-level platform that allows working simultaneously on two levels. This is a special design that needs to be reviewed for every requirement.

A ladder type frame is connected at each of the platform. By using the trap door in the upper deck platform, the labors are able to climb safely from one level to the other.


  • Light Weight & Compact Design
  • Capable at unlimited working height without wire rope winders
  • Up to 6m wide platform
  • Vertical distance between the two platforms is up to 3 metres.

Elevator Cradles

The OSLER Elevator Cradle is specially designed for the installation and maintenance of elevator shafts.

The OSLER Elevator Cradle is ideal for installation and maintenance of elevator shafts. It’s particularly designed to lift and transport materials in building constructions such as office and sky scraper buildings, apaQrtments, hotels or motels, service elevators, hospital passengers, lifting passengers and a many more.


  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Capable of carrying 3 persons
  • Structure Steel
  • Other platform sizes may be supplied according to the requirements of a specific job.

Corner Cradles

An innovative cradle for any corner.

The Corner Platform always provides the angle which a customer requires.


  • Innovative design by OSLER for a 90 degree corner requirement.
  • An Aluminum corner piece is designed to join any module of OSLER platforms at the corner.
  • It works only with the use of C-type Stirrups or H-stirrups.
  • Specific angle corners are also available upon request.


  1. Adjustable Corner Platform, this can be in a form of 36°, 45°, 60° and 90°.
  2. Fixed Corner Platform, available only for 90° only

Note: All OSLER cradles can be used as corner cradles or platforms.

Custom Cradles

Orientals can design, manufacture and supply many custom designs for suspended platforms including but not limit to the following:

  • Solo Baskets
  • Chimney Cradle
  • Windmill Cradle
  • 1.6m single motor cradle
  • Bossin Chair Cradle
  • Etc.

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