Hanging Systems

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Hanging Systems

The Hanging System is the most important element in the suspended platforms solution. It should be designed to carry all the rated loads of the suspension calculated from the anchoring point with the right safety factor according to international standards.

Orientals prides itself with the reputation of well designed hanging systems that has been serving the industry for many years.

The function of the hanging system is to position gondolas and winches in front of the facade. Essentially, in order for the cradle to reach all the facades, hanging system need to be made to fit a particular roof.

When it comes to hanging systems, Orientals offer standard as well as customized solutions for every requirement.

Hanging Systems Product Range
Beams & L-Brackets

The Slab Beams and L-Brackets are common suspension systems adapted widely in UAE.

The ease of the system and the cost efficiency makes it prefered by main contractor in conventional concrete building. The reversed L-Bracket is sometimes the only solution for solid shear walls facade access.

L-Brackets are also ideal for concrete parapets with external glazing facade.

Counter Weight Systems

The Counter Weight system (mostly called: Hanging Device with Counter Weights) has the advantage of a movable suspension for independent suspension.

Hanging Devices are standard for cradles up to 600kg capacity. More capacities require special designs of hanging system.

Installation of hanging system should be in accordance with exact recommendation inthe manual and should be inspected regularly.

Mono & Dual Rails

The facade rail system is used to take advantage of moving cradles or/and winches along the outer line of the building facade. The installation is modular and it can be transported and stored in confined spaces.

The rail is attached to the brackets (as per structural design). A trolley travels on the rail suspending a cradle or material lifting equipment, allowing horizontal movement and accordingly providing a complete access for the required job.

Most rails are standard, but certian customization will be required depending on the building shape and requirement.

Parapet Clamp Brackets

Parapet Clamp Brackets are a very cost efficient solution for suspension system. Designed for attaching the steel wires of suspended cradles at the parapet level of the building.

Our OSLER Parapet Clamp Bracket is designed for parapet wall with a thickness between from 20cm to 50cm.


  • Structural steel made
  • Galvanized for corrosion protection

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