Custom Gantries for maximum reach and minimum visibility


Our customers demand more than safe and easy access to complex roof constructions. Gantries are expected to preserve the beauty of architecture by being almost invisible. Our gantries can be fitted for almost every type of roof structure.

We offer customized solutions for gantries on the inside and the outside of a building to minimize visual impact. And although interior and exterior gantries are largely similar, each needs to be customized in a different way. The most important advantage of our gantries is that they get the job done without ruining the appearance of a building.

For example, we could camouflage our solution by using side plates in the same color as the building. Or we could design a gantry that can be parked in a less conspicuous place, by adjusting the rail track.

Also known as traversing work bridges, gantries are the perfect solution for the cleaning of glass atriums that are difficult to access. We can deliver both exterior and interior gantries, for work on the inside or on the outside of an atrium.

For years, building owners, contractors and architects have relied on Orientals as a supplier of gantries that fit the design of a building. So, as change took place in the fields of architecture and construction, our gantries evolved as well.

Our gantries are fitted to the shape and size of the building, to ensure maximum reach. But the reason that our gantries are at the forefront of the industry, are the ingenious innovations they can be equipped with. These functions make maintenance work from a gantry quick and easy, by facilitating the best possible working conditions for the people that work with them.

Gantries Product Range
External Skylight Gantry

External Gantries are normally fitted on top of skylights and glass domes. It varies in shape and length depending on the structure below it. Usual options are:

Circular Domes uses a gantry pivoted from the center of the dome. the gantry runs on a rail at the lower part of the dome or/and intermediate rail. The design should be carefully integrated with the skylight framing system to accommodate the loads from the gantry.

Internal Gantry

Internal Gantries are usually installed below the structure of glass domes and skylight. It is similar in design to the external gantry but have to take into consideration the height of the workers who will use it for cleaning or maintenance.

Internal Gantries are normally motorized running on rails connected to the structure of the building or integrated in the design of the skylight structure.


Walkways are used in many roofs to prevent the cleaning or maintenance personnel from walking on the roof directly when they might cause a damage for the roof materials.

They are mostly made by using grating fixed on brackets integrated within the roof structure. They must also have lifeline attached to the walkways to prevent falling.

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