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Cradle Baskets


Orientals has excelled in BMU cradle baskets though many years of design and development. Our standard cradle complies with all international standards for suspended baskets design.

All details of the user requirements are well taken care of while maintaining the highest standard of fabrication.

At Orientals we believe that the users inside the cradle should be able to do their work easily, safely and ergonomically. Through customization, we can incorporate the intended application of the BMU into its design.

The design of the building in many cases requires special designs in the baskets to access areas that are not reachable by standard suspended cradle.

Baskets Product Range
Powered Cradle

Powered Cradles are the most used Gondolas in BMU systems. The basket carries its traction hoists within and gets equipped with wire winders to roll up the stell wire ropes as the basket climbs up.

Orientals Powered Cradle is at the top of the regional market quality it terms of components, workmanship and safety.

Pantograph Basket

Pantograph Cradles are well known in the industry for their ease of use for accessing recesses in the building facades up to 2 m.

Orientals design of the Pantograph utilizes a manual hydraulic pump placed in the basket that feed a hydraulic piston which open the pantograph up to 2m from the suspension center.

Telescoping Basket

When recessed in the building facade exceeds 2m, then there would be a need for telescoping cradle to reach the recess.

Orientals design for telescoping cradle uses rack and pinion to electrically telescopes one jib from another to achieve up to 5m recess from the facade face.

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