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Custom Built Solutions

Orientals creates Facade Access Equipment for the world’s most extraordinary buildings.

When it comes to specialized access, we offer customized solutions for sloped facades, sloped roofs or roofs with a high parapet. Orientals delivers solution for every access challenge.
We always account for the concerns of our customers and other relevant parties. For that reason, we want to be involved in the process as early as possible, to make sure that we are able to provide a solution that is able to reach the entire facade.

Custom Built Solutions Product Range
Industrial Lifts

Orientals has been designing, manufacturing and installing Industrial Lifts since 2010.


Orientals are specialized in providing custom built solutions for the access or lifting based on the specific requirements of each project. Our experienced engineer will inspect the site and discuss the requirements with the relevant personell, Then him and our technical department will provide the best solution with reasonable budgets.

Steel Structures

Orientals ability to design machines opened opportunities to design and fabricate other steel structures for many clients. Some of the examples are: 1- Steel exit stair cases. 2- Helipad safety rings.

Aluminum BMU

The jewel of our work that places Orientals in the list of top engineering performing companies in the BMU industry was our work on a special design of aluminium structure BMU.

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Aluminium BMU – Optimus
KAFD Sloped Roof
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