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Facade Access Equipment by Orientals

Orientals creates Facade Access Equipment for the world’s most extraordinary buildings. Our fully customized BMUs are designed with respect to architectural requirements while meeting international standards like EN1808 and others.

Whatever the system that is chosen for the building, the main purpose of the BMU is to reach all the places that need cleaning, maintenance or repairs.
When it comes to BMU, Orientals offers customized solutions for sloped roofs,  roofs with a high parapet or for every roof.
We always account for the concerns of our customers and other relevant parties. For that reason, we get involved in the building design process in early stages, to assist in providing a solution that is able to reach the entire facades and be in line with the architects design scheme of the building.

Roof Cars Product Range
Parapet Mounted Machine

The Parapet Mounted Machines are common in buildings that have high parapets whether concrete or steel, . In many cases it also becomes a necessity due to space constraints in the building roof. The Parapet Machine runs on rail tracks that is fixed on the internal face of the parapet.

Orientals designs various types of Parapet Machines from a simple manual driven davit arm to fully electric luffing and slewing Parapet machines. The Parapet machines usually uses Powered Cradle, however, a drum winch parapet machine cn also be designed if required.

Guide Rail Machine

Guide Rail Machines are used on concrete slabs with fair finish. They run on free wheel in the back and motorized guided wheels in the front.

Guide Rail machines are economical for horizontally long facades slabs. They can serve long elevations without the need for heavy tracks and pedestals. They can use Powered Cradle or Drum Winch depending on the customer requirements.

Boom range is short for Guide Rail Machines, 3m is the normal length and can go up to 6m at most. Slewing is not an option. Luffing boom is optional.

Double Rail Track Machine

Double Rail Track is used for traversing roof car machine. Mostly used for machines with long booms. The distance between the rails and the size of the rail beam depends on the design of each machine. The rails are normally fixed on concrete pedestals that are connected to the roof slab.

Various options are available depending on project requirements. i.e. Elevated tracks, Tracks on Floating Slab, Telescoping Mast, Telescoping Jib and many more.

Orientals is capable to design and manufacture any size or complexity of BMU Roof Machine.

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