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Customized Facade Monorail Solutions By Orientals
Installing monorails involves more than just fitting the monorail track to the contour of the building. Our monorail systems can be equipped with several innovative functions to make working on a facade a lot easier.

For example, our monorail systems can can be fitted with a hoist for lifting glass panels, which makes window replacements a lot easier. The hoist allows workers to fit glass panels without having to use much force.

This system works in combination with self-hoisting gondolas which allow users to position themselves in front of the facade using the central control panel.

Monorails for Any Facade
Our monorail systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Monorails are ideal for medium-rise buildings with complicated designs and hard-to-reach facades.

With buildings designs becoming increasingly unconventional, there is more demand for solutions that provide access to the entire facade, no matter how complex its design may be. Our monorail systems meet that demand.

A monorail system basically consists of two parts: the rails and a trolley which moves over the rails. Conveniently, a monorail system can be fixed to a building’s parapet or ceiling, which makes this system able to tackle even the most complex routes.

Monorails Product Range
Face Mounted Monorails

Face Mounted Monorails are the most commonly used BMU system in the world. It involves installing an Aluminium Rail on Steel Galvanized Brackets that are fixed to the building perimeter face.

The rail will have a trolley running on it that carries a Powered Cradle. The trolley can be electric or manual.

When it comes to Face Mounted Monorails, Orientals offer the best economical, fail proof system in the market. The brackets can be up to 2m long in special cases and are normally aligned to the facade joints to visual consistency.

Climbing Rail

Orientals supplies climbing rails and trolleys for tapered facades. When it comes to irregular parapet heights, and as design requires, sloped rails would be the best solution to reach all the heights of the facade for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Orientals has designed special trolleys that can drive on the sloped rail with total safety. It utilizes 2 motors that drives in opposite direction maintaining total grip on the rail and pushing the trolley up or down the rail.

Soffit Rail

Soffit Rails are used in cantilever shades or canopies. They are hidden within canopy and fixed on the structure of the canopy. Only a small gap will appear in the soffit of the canopy where the trolley will pass.

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