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Orientals provides a range of highly innovative fall protection systems. Our solutions preserve a building’s esthetic appeal and protect both the user and the structure in case of a fall. Our offer includes guardrails, lifeline systems, single anchor points and personal protective equipment.

Fall Protection Systems of Orientals is supplied in partnership with Fallprotec Luxemburg

Bespoke height safety systems and safe access equipment

Fall Protection Product Range
Life Lines

Orientals provides the horizontal anchoring systems necessary for protecting workers while maintenance, inspection and cleaning at industrial roofs, skylights and walkways.

Orientals also provides the vertical anchoring systems necessary for protecting workers while maintenance and inspection in industrial facades and accessing to roofs.

The system is supplied by Fallprotec Luxemburg. The design solutions meets the European and US standards.


Orientals has a wide range of anchor points for various applications. These are usually installed on the roof and are used to connect lanyards or other forms of tie-off to reduce at maximum the damage when a worker falls – fall arrest system – or to prevent the reaching of fall risk – restraint system. They can also be used to connect ropes to abseil. Both permanent and temporary fall protection anchors are available. All fall arrest and abseil anchor points which are permanently installed are required to have an annual inspection, testing and recertification.

Rope Climber

The RopeClimber is a portable and autonomous hoist from Fallprotec. It is the ideal solution for facade maintenance and works at height. Combinable with SafeAccess suspension rail or davit system.

  • Working Load up to 240kg and lifting speed up to 11,5m/min
  • Autonomy up to 8 hours depending on use. Battery powered
  • Safety features: fall arrest device on the secondary rope, overload and top limit switch
  • Intuitive use, training as professional climber is not required
  • All accessories are according to EN1808:2015

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