About Our Company

Orientals Equipment Factory is the manufacturing arm of Orientals group. Since its start in 2004, the manufacturing has been part of Orientals business. Orientals factory has developed its production and engineering to cater to the changing requirements of the regional markets. We pride ourselves with the highly skilled professionals that carry the engineering and production. We manufacture customized equipment based on clients’ or projects requirements. Orientals has also certain products for the lifting industry, that has been developed and manufactured in-house. Orientals Equipment Factory manufactures under the Trade Mark name of OSLER.

Our Works
Partnering with Market Leaders to bring you the Best

Throughout the years, Oriental has collaborated with many international partners to deliver best solutions for its customers around the Middle East. This includes: World Class Famous BMU from FBA Gomyl, Innovative Cranes from Bocker, Fall arrest systems from Fallprotec, Aerial Platforms from TCA Lift and many more.

Monorail Systems
Roof Car Machines
Specialized Access
Projects Underway
Hyatt Residence Dubai
Scissor Dock Leveler
Al Tahliah Hotel Roof Car Machine
KASCH Project
Sowwah Rail
CEO Building
Residential Building
Residential Building 2
Ajman Pearl
W Hotel Amman