Double Rail Track Machine

Double Rail Track Machines

Orientals creates Facade Access Equipment for the world’s most extraordinary buildings. That’s because our fully customized BMUs are designed with respect to beautiful architecture. Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) are used to maintain or repair the structure of high-rise buildings.
The function of roof cars is to position gondolas in front of the facade. Essentially, the functions of the roof car determine the range of the system. So, in order for the BMU to reach all the places that need cleaning, maintenance or repairs, roof cars need to be made to fit a particular roof.
When it comes to roof cars, we offer customized solutions for sloped roofs or roofs with a high parapet. Orientals delivers roof cars for every roof.
We always account for the concerns of our customers and other relevant parties. For that reason, we want to be involved in the process as early as possible, to make sure that we are able to provide a solution that is able to reach the entire facade.

Aluminium BMU – Optimus
KASCH Project
Al Tahliah Hotel Roof Car Machine
KAF Administration Building
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